Release at Parteen Weir remains 'steady' - Limerick ESB

Release at Parteen Weir remains 'steady' - Limerick ESB

THE DISCHARGE at Parteen Weir to the Shannon remains at 240 cumecs this Thursday, the ESB has confirmed.

It increased from 200 cumecs to 240 cumecs on Tuesday. An ESB spokesperson said there was some rain in the catchment on Wednesday but despite this, levels in Lough Derg fell slightly.

“We’re continuing to monitor the situation closely and will decide on whether to remain at this level, or lower to 200 cumecs, tomorrow [Friday] morning. But this will depend on actual rainfall in the catchment,” said an ESB spokesperson.

The say they do not anticipate flooding as a direct result of the discharge of 240 cumecs (cubic metres per second) at Parteen Weir.

However, one man who is worried is Robert McLoughlin. He lives in one of the fisherman’s huts in Plassey and was flooded in 2009 and in 2015/2016. 

Robert says if the river goes any higher his home will be flooded again.