D-Day looms for University Hospital Limerick over pay dispute

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh



D-Day looms for University Hospital Limerick over pay dispute

University Hospital Limerick

NON-consultant hospital doctors (NCHDs) and interns at University Hospital Limerick will schedule a ballot for industrial action next week if there is no resolution over the ongoing payment row.

Last week, the Irish Medical Organisation’s NCHD committee voted unanimously to support a ballot for industrial action if payment “for all hours worked is not forthcoming” this Thursday, it said in correspondence to UHL doctors.

The issue surrounds a dispute between the interns and hospital management over non-payment of unrostered overtime.

A source said that interns and NCHDs are “ready to press forward with industrial action”. Sources have said that it will push for a ballot if unrostered overtime is not paid by January 25, this Thursday. 

A representative from the IMO told UHL union members that they will be available this Tuesday afternoon for an “in-person update”.  

“We have scheduled a meeting with your IMO representative and the Director of HR on Thursday, 25 January at 3:30pm to discuss the situation and attempt to reach a resolution without a ballot for industrial action. If this is unsuccessful, we will schedule a ballot for the following week,” the correspondence said.

Two weeks ago, the UL Hospitals Group said that it issued €2.5m in overtime payments between October and December and that “any outstanding claims for unrostered overtime, where approved by line managers, will be paid in the January pay periods”.

Regarding the ongoing pay dispute, the spokesperson said that it “greatly values the hard work and dedication of our interns”.

“We take our responsibilities as an employer with the utmost seriousness. Equally, the executive at UL Hospitals Group has a fiduciary duty in terms of managing public monies. We have a responsibility to control payroll costs in the interests of protecting services to our patients.”

The spokesperson said that it “rejects any assertion that unrostered overtime claims, once the agreed process has been followed, are not being honoured”. 

The spokesperson previously said: “Each year, UL Hospitals Group welcomes medical interns to the Group as part of their ongoing training and we greatly value the hard work done by all of our highly skilled NCHDs.”