Goals for the year ahead: Well-known Limerick people focus in on 2018

Jess Casey


Jess Casey

Musician Emma Langford

Musician Emma Langford

LIMERICK people from a wide variety of walks of life discuss their hopes, dreams and resolutions for 2018 as the new year approaches:

Emma Langford


I don’t really read into resolutions too much. In the last couple of years I’ve set myself goals, I suppose. I believe in the power of attraction so if you expect something and want something, and set yourself a goal, usually you’ll receive it. So I suppose for next year, I’ll be looking at taking a few more risks, putting myself out there even more than I have been already.

This was the year I cut my teeth in the biggest way with music so 2018 is going to be the year I take my next steps. I’m determined to learn more about music, to write a lot more as well. I suppose it's a resolution in a sense.

There are a few things I'm looking forward to in 2018. There are a few possible things that I’ve yet to announce yet but at the moment I’m booking and promoting my album. I’m on a national tour with a Kildare artist called Sarah Ryan. The two of us are doing a tour in January until March. That will be fun.

Celia Holman Lee

Fashion guru

I make them and don’t keep to them! I really do think every year I say the same thing that I’m trying to keep myself as healthy as I possible can and I say this every year- I’m going to try watch the workload.

Really and truly, to try maybe cut down a little because it has been hectic. But having said that, I’m the worst person in the world to say no. I shall try to keep what I’m telling you but ask me again next year did I!

I’m looking forward to trying to take more holidays, if that will happen. Every year to me is a good year and a blessing, you can never really tell what’s going to go down.

There’ll be plenty of highs and lows that I’m sure of. I don’t wish for anything, I just wish for health and happiness for the next year.

Helen O’Donnell

Limerick City Business Association and Chairman of Limerick Tidy Towns

My New Year’s resolution would be to work less, eat less and become more healthy.

I just feel that your health is your wealth really. Eating well and eating healthy and that my family would remain in good health as well.

Joy Neville

World Rugby Referee of the Year

My New Year’s resolution would probably be to put the head down, make the most of the time that I have at home hopefully progress further in my career.

Cllr Sean Lynch

Mayor of Limerick City and County and local councillor

My New Year wishes are to stay healthy, happy and wise. Start by losing some weight and getting back into the gym - I’m looking for a personal trainer with patience.

Also in my role as mayor, continue to bringing positivity to our city. Celebrate those that have contributed hugely to our city.

Finally to elevate fear among so many in relation to different issues out there.

Tom Morrissey

Limerick U-21 Hurling Captain

I hope to read a good book next year.

Deputy Willie O’Dea

Fianna Fail spokesperson on Social Protection

My New Year’s resolution is to continue to work as hard as I can for my constituents and for the country and there a couple of issues I want to focus particularly on. Particularly on my own area, social protection.

I want to ensure people who are depending on social welfare, including pensioners, that their standard of living continues to be protected.

Personally, I'd like to become more measured in my approach. Sometimes I tend to get unduly worried about things and there’s no need for that so to approach things more calmly, in a more measured fashion.

Karl Spain


I'm going to fight ISIS in the New Year, I don't think I did enough in 2017. My New Year’s resolutions are really similar to the ones I made in 1994, 1995. To lose weight and work harder. I'm very clear on my New Year's resolutions, they don't change from year to year.