Limerick agri company Samco's multi-million euro day

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Luis Silva, Cooprinsem, and Matthew Shine, Samco, sign the €1.5m deal in the Dunraven Arms.

Luis Silva, Cooprinsem, and Matthew Shine, Samco, sign the €1.5m deal in the Dunraven Arms.

SAMCO signed a €1.5m contract with a Chilean dairy co-op on the same day they broke ground on their €2m expansion in Adare.

Their new Chilean partners visited their farm and facility before putting pen to paper in the Dunraven Arms on Thursday evening.

The Shine family’s Samco System integrates three machines into one. 

It sows the seed, sprays the ground with a pre-emergence herbicide and covers the embedded seed with a degradable film. The film is proven to increase temperature which ensures rapid plant growth throughout the season and also protects the young plant from early frost. 

Matthew Shine, Samco sales director, said: “We have invested a lot of time, money and resources in conducting R&D trials in Chile. The country has a wide range of climates which complements the Samco System. We have been working in Chile for the past two years and with our research completed we are now ready to push the sales into high gear.

“Our dedicated staff will spend 45 days per year, training customers, servicing and maintaining machines, conducting field trials and also showcasing at trade shows and open days throughout Chile.”

As it is a very seasonal business this is of great benefit to their company as they can now offset work, which will give them a 10-month production period. Not only from a sales point of view but Samco now has the ability to test new products before they are brought to markets in the northern hemisphere with machine developments and mulch film formulations.

The sowing of crops under degradable mulch film begins in the middle of July in the north of Chile, works down through the country to the south and finish up in middle of November. This allows Samco to have a wider window of sales throughout the year giving consistency in production for the film and machinery divisions of the business. Samco will sell their full range of machinery from maize sowing drills, subsoilers and bag presses as there is a wide range of clients with different demands for Samco products.

Helmut Muller and Luis Silva, of Cooprinsem co-op, said the Samco System can be used in cooler zones in their country but also works very well in warmer parts. They say it traps moisture in the soil after laying so the farmer has less dependence on irrigation systems which is a large saving”.

“Truly innovative Irish products,” is how Mr Muller described the Samco System. He also went on to say, “With many different climates in Chile we can use Samco products five months of the year and not one month like Ireland.”

Thursday was a momentous day in Samco’s history as they began laying the foundations for their €2m expansion.

Robert Shine, Samco managing director, said in 2018 they plan to export to over 25 countries with 85% of the sales being export business at a growth of 15% per annum.

“On the day of starting our new €2m investment in a new facility in Adare, it is brilliant to welcome our newest partners from Chile here to Samco. It’s a very exciting time for the company,” said Robert. Not even forward thinking company founder, Samuel Shine could have envisioned a day like last Thursday when he started Samco in 1997.