Fab four: Gorgeous Limerick quads celebrate first birthday in style

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

Best friends and brothers and sisters: Alex, Ashley, Kalyla and Max

Best friends and brothers and sisters: Alex, Ashley, Kalyla and Max

ALEX, Ashley, Max and Kayla won’t remember their first birthday but four happy and healthy children is the best present any parent could get.

Mum and dad, Lisa Fenton and Wayne Downey held two parties to mark the occasion – one at home in Ballyneety and the other in Delta Adventure Centure.  

The fab four were all 3lbs when they made history as the first set of quads born in Limerick in 50 years. Now they are all over one stone and thriving says Lisa.

“They are flying it. We have two walkers now. The girls are walking and the two boys are standing - they are not far off it. Considering they were premature they are reaching milestones which is great. They are very active, they like being up and moving and getting out and about,” said Lisa.

The last 12 months – the quads were born on October 5 - have been a whirlwind.

“It is crazy how fast the time has gone. We can’t believe we are actually marking a year. I suppose there has been so much going on that we didn’t really have much time to think about everything. It was just happening and before we knew it they were one. It is hard to believe it is a year,” said Lisa.

The infants are sleeping for 11 hours a night much to the relief of mum and dad.

“They are all sleeping through the night which is great. They go down around 7.40pm. They start stirring around 6.30am/6.40am. It is a walk in the park compared to what we were going though at the  start. They are nights when they are teething and bits and pieces but in general they are very good. And we are getting sleep which is amazing. Being sleep deprived is the hardest thing,” she said.

They had a family party in their home and then a larger gathering with friends and godparents in Delta Adventure Centre.

”They were great to us in Delta. They gave the lads a beautiful teddy each,” said Lisa.  Alex, Ashley, Max and Kayla were snowed under with presents and even from a stranger.

“I got a package in the post during the week. It was four gorgeous handknit Christmas stockings with each of their names sewn into them. She is a total stranger, I have no idea who this lovely lady is. She wrote a little note to say she saw the photos of the quads in the Limerick Leader and she wanted to put the lads down on her Christmas list.

“She said  that she was a cancer survivor and loves doing sewing and knitting as as a hobby. She didn’t leave a forwarding address or contact number but I want to say thank you to her from Wayne, myself and the lads. It made my day. It was the kindness of a stranger. It was such a lovely gesture and you don’t hear lovely things like that happening too often. I just want to thank her because we had no way of doing so,” said Lisa.