Gardai in Limerick probe bogus charity collections

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Gardai in Limerick probe bogus charity collections

Garda report: Cllr Daniel Butler

GARDAI are investigating after a man claiming to be from Limerick Animal Welfare approached residents selling stickers which he claimed were for the charity.

Fine Gael councillor Daniel Butler contacted the gardai on Wednesday night after a man aged in his late 20s knocked on his door of his home in Raheen selling stickers, at €5 a collection.

In an ironic twist, these stickers, Cllr Butler said, read ‘No Sales Reps’ and were designed to be put on people’s letterboxes.

He immediately contacted Limerick Animal Welfare – which cares for creatures found abandoned, in pain or distress – which confirmed the seller was bogus.

“They told me as a policy, they would not send people door to door. So I knew straight away. We have a Whatsapp group in our residents association, and a few other people had been approached by him,” Cllr Butler said, “He had these stickers, but they are of very poor quality.”

The City West councillor added: “It's a disgrace to see a reputable charity being dragged through the dirt like that for people who are trying to make money for themselves off the back of it. But I think it's a timely warning in the run up to Christmas when these bogus callers do call pretending to represent various charities.”

He said the government needs to consider banning door-to-door charity collections.

Marian Fitzgibbon, Limerick Animal Welfare says she is “devastated” by the news, and called on people to contact the charity immediately if they come across the collector.

“We never call to doors. We don’t pay professional collectors to go around and knock on doors. Hopefully they will be caught. It’s terrible. We have no idea who is doing it. Charities do knock at doors. Mostly it is asking people to sign banker’s orders, but sometimes they take donations too. This is an established pattern. The more well-off charities can pay agencies to provide this service. What people do not realise is a lot of the money they donate goes to paying those going around collecting,” she said.

Gardai are investigating, and can be contacted at 061-212400. Alternatively, contact Limerick Animal Welfare at 063-91110.