Traveller accused of breaching exclusion order on Limerick halting site

David Hurley


David Hurley

Francis Casey is accused of breaching the terms of an Exclusion Order

Francis Casey is accused of breaching the terms of an Exclusion Order

A MEMBER of the Travelling community has appeared in court in Limerick accused of breaching the terms of an Exclusion Order for a third time.

Francis Casey, aged 25, who is originally from Clonlong Halting Site, Southill was brought before Limerick District Court last Thursday a number of hours after he was allegedly arrested at a caravan at the halting site.

Garda Adrian King, who gave evidence of arrest, charge and caution, said it will be alleged by the State the defendant was “resident” at the halting site despite being excluded from the area.

Limerick City and County Council was granted an Exclusion Order against Mr Casey in July 2015 – meaning he is banned from entering the Southill area.

The Order which was subsequently challenged by Mr Casey was upheld by Limerick Circuit Court in December 2015.

The local authority sought the Exclusion Order after a company contracted to carry out maintenance at Clonlong Halting Site refused to enter the property because of repeated anti-social behaviour by Casey.

During the application, an official with the local authority said some of the company’s employees had been assaulted and threatened by Casey and that one had been stabbed with a screwdriver.

A number of residents made complaints about Casey’s behaviour but none were willing to make formal statements or come to court out of fear.

Mr Casey, who is married with two young children, previously agreed to live at an address in Prospect with a relative.

Judge Marian O’Leary was told he previously breached the Order in August 2015 and again in December 2015.

Gardai did not oppose bail last week and the matter was adjourned to November.

The defendant was granted legal aid and Judge O’Leary ordered that all relevant documentation be disclosed to his solicitor Darach McCarthy in advance of the next court date.

Adjourning the matter, Judge O’Leary warned the defendant that the Exclusion Order remains in place and that he should not enter Southill.