Bishop's praise for Limerick 'keepy uppy nun' who went viral

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery

Bishop Brendan Leahy with Sr Rose Miriam on the occasion of her vows

Bishop Brendan Leahy with Sr Rose Miriam on the occasion of her vows

BISHOP of Limerick, Brendan Leahy, has said that the arrival of the Dominican sisters in Limerick has given “wonderful visibility and witness to the power of God”.

Speaking following a Mass at the weekend at St Saviour’s to celebrate Sr Rose Miriam taking her final vows, Bishop Leahy said that the Dominicans sisters have made an instant impression.

Sr Rose Miriam surged to internet fame this year when a video of her playing keepy-uppy with a local garda went viral, and was featured in the media at home and abroad, including the BBC, the Irish Times and the Daily Mail.

“Sr Rose Miriam and her fellow sisters have clearly taken in Limerick as much as Limerick has taken them in. Their presence is such a visible one and great witness to our Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit,” said the bishop.

“I’m also very taken by how happy they are here. It’s a happiness about where they have found themselves today in Limerick, but generally where they have found themselves in life. It’s clear that they truly love and are committed to what they do and their work brings great happiness to others also,” he said.

“Sr Rose is already known to so many for her ‘keepy-uppy’ football prowess, which became a huge online hit.  That, too, put a smile on everyone’s face, but it’s only in keeping with what the Dominicans are doing generally for Limerick.

“They are going about their duties, including work for the diocese, in such a calming way,” added Bishop Leahy.

Sr Rose Miriam, a Dominican nun who lives in the city with her three fellow sisters after their move from Nashville, Tennessee, now works in Limerick as a Diocesan advisor to primary schools.

Of her final vows, Bishop Leahy said: “God has called, she has heard his call, fallen in love with him and decided to give her life totally to him. She doesn’t know what’s ahead of her. I doubt very much when she was younger she would have imagined she’d be in Limerick. But Sr Rose Miriam is allowing her life be taken up into the service of God’s plan for humanity.”