Four times the fun as Limerick quads start preschool

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Four times the fun as Limerick quads start preschool

 Amelia, Lucas, Mollie, Lily Grace Slattery celebrate another happy milestone

IT IS HARD to believe that these four healthy and hearty children were 4.3lbs, 3.10lbs, 2.15lbs and 3.4lbs at birth. 

Just over three years ago Amelia, Lucas, Mollie and Lily Grace arrived into the world and now they are starting preschool.

The daughters and son of James and Grace Slattery, Caherconlish, were all smiles in their blue uniforms and snazzy schoolbags as they began a new chapter in their life at Sunny Days Preschool in the village’s Millennium Centre.

”It’s another happy milestone in their lives,” said Grace.

“They're settling in great, they love it. They were a bit wary, well one or two of them were, when I'm saying 'bye'. They are making sure I am coming back for them and what I'm doing and checking in with me, but they are fine. They run in the door, give me a kiss and a hug and off they go. They are loving it,” said the proud mum..

The beauty of having three siblings the same age is that  Amelia,  Lucas,  Mollie and Lily will never feel alone.

“They have each other. It’s a big playschool. I made sure to find one that didn't have eight children and they were four of them!

“A lot of the preschools can be small, I didn’t want it to be just 8, 9 or 10 kids because they wouldn’t get much benefit out of it then.

“There are 22 kids in this one. Aine Donovan has a good few members of staff and she splits them up into different groups.

“So a staff member might take five or six kids, whatever it might be, so they are split up a lot in there even though they are still together if they want to be. I like that because they are not great at being apart, they look for each other all of the time. They find it hard to be without each other.”

So now they have the best of both worlds – they can still be together as well as making new friends.

“Exactly, it’s going great. They’re loving it – all the singing and dancing and ABCs and counting. They’re only there a week and I have a massive folder full of paintings already!

“They're so independent and strong. They’re filled with little personalities and tantrums and giving out to me!”

Most importantly of all they are four very healthy and happy children.

“They're very tall. They’ve come a long way considering their birth weights. Amelia is very tall and Lucas is very tall. Lily is our smallest but is still in the same size clothes as the others. They’re the same height if not taller than their classmates.”

After two years of preschool, James and Grace will be looking forward to the next milestone – the first day of “big school”.