Limerick dog owners 'flouting cemetery bye-laws'

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Dog litter is becoming ‘huge problem’ in Mount St Lawrence cemetery, according to one local

Dog litter is becoming ‘huge problem’ in Mount St Lawrence cemetery, according to one local

PET owners in Limerick continue to flout council rules that ban dogs from public cemeteries, after locals have expressed concerns over the presence of dog litter at Mount St Lawrence.

According to one local, who has been visiting the city cemetery for more than 30 years, dog litter has become a “huge problem” in recent times.

“We have complained to the council more times than you have had dinners. They said that they would do something about it and they didn’t,” the local said, who did not wish to be named. 

The source said this week that one person’s grave was dirtied by dog litter within a week of its erection.

“They would have spent a lot of money on that, and in the next week, I see a dog doing his business on top of it. This is absolutely scandalous.”

Under the Cemeteries Bye-Laws 2015 within the city and county, dogs are not allowed in public cemeteries.

Mount St Lawrence, which was taken over by the council in 1979, is run by the environment department. 

Under this rule, only guide dogs accompanying persons with visual impairment are exempt.

“The local authority is currently in the process of arranging for signs to be erected in Mount St Lawrence that will inform the public of this.

“Bins are provided at the entrance to Mount St Lawrence as well as within the cemetery to aid visitors in helping to dispose of their rubbish correctly and to help keep the resting place of their loved ones clean and tidy,” a spokesperson for the council told the Limerick Leader on Tuesday. 

The spokesperson added: “Limerick City and County Council appeals to all dog owners to act responsibly at all times, regardless of their location and make sure they ‘scoop their own dog’s poop’.  Dog owners have a civic responsibility to clean up after their animals.”