'Embattled' Limerick parents encouraged to send teens on new RTE show

A promo image for the new show Raised by the Village

A promo image for the new show Raised by the Village

LIMERICK parents “at the end of their tether” are being encouraged to dispatch their teens to the countryside as part of a new RTE show that will give them a taste of rural life.

WAKATV and RTE are on the lookout for “embattled parents who think their teen could benefit from a change of scenery” and be raised in one of Ireland’s closest knit communites for new show Raised by the Village.

The production company is looking for for parents and teens aged 13-17 from urban or inner city Limerick to take part in the new RTE show.

Raised by the Village wants to bring city teens to a rural location to “learn that there's another way of life than the one they're used to,” according to WAKATV.

“As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child and we want to give two city teens the opportunity to reboot their bad behaviour and turn their lives around with the help and support of an entire community,” the producers say.

“We are looking for parents who feel that their teenager could benefit from a change of scenery. By sending them to our village, they will be giving them an opportunity for a genuinely new, eye opening and hopefully life changing experience.

"From the get go the teenagers will be expected to contribute to ​village life and, under the watchful eye of local mentors, face ​challenges that will make for a genuinely eye opening and potentially ​life changing experience.

"So if you'd like your teen to realise there's more to life than Snapchat and backchat, Selfies and selfishness we'd love to hear from you," they add.

To register your interest, contact 01-6343732 or email info@wakatv.ie.