New beer that is '100% Limerick' is launched

New beer that is '100% Limerick' is launched

A HOST of pubs in Limerick's Market Quarter have grouped together to launch a brand new, specially brewed craft beer, the result of a unique collaboration between the publicans of the city area and Treaty City Brewery.

The beer is 100% Limerick and 100% unique! Developing a beer from scratch is a long process that includes extensive research and numerous tasting sessions. The result is the creation of The Market Quarter Beer, a light beer with a good hop aroma, they say.

“The Market Quarter beer is slightly floral and fruity with a medium malt flavour. It is an incredibly drinkable session beer low in bitterness and light in colour,” explained Stephen Cuneen of Treaty City Brewery.

Not only is the beer unique, but the way it was developed is unique. It began with the Market Quarter publicans discussing the potential for a common beer, which would be exclusive to their pubs only. The publicans then met and discussed what could be done with Stephen Cuneen of Treaty City Brewery and a partnership was formed.

This is the first time this sort of approach has been undertaken anywhere in Ireland. It caters for traditional drinkers and craft beer enthusiasts alike.

James Lennon, chairperson of the Market Quarter, described the launch of the Market Quarter Beer.

“We’re delighted with the launch of our Market Quarter Beer. It’s something that has brought us all together as a group. People are looking for a different drink experience, we can see that in the expansion of the craft beer and gin market. Customers want something more authentic.

"Therefore, we have developed this beer and want our customers to experience a new brew that’s interestingly delightful, and most importantly 100% Limerick made. We have loved creating it so we hope that you will love tasting it!”

The beer is available from the following pubs; Smyths Icon, The Red Hen, Mother Macs, The Old Quarter, Phil Flannery’s, Clohessey’s, Nancy Blakes, Charlie Chaplin’s, Angel Lane, Molly’s, The Library and The Office.