'Malicious hoax caller' reports river incident to Limerick emergency services

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh



'Malicious hoax caller' reports river incident to Limerick emergency services

Limerick City Fire and Rescue Service were alerted to a river incident Picture: Adrian Butler

LIMERICK City Fire and Rescue Service this Monday afternoon dispatched a large number of personnel to the scene of a reported river incident – only to find out that it was a “false alarm, malicious intent”. 

At 3.15pm, the emergency services were alerted to a report of a woman seen entering the River Shannon via Thomond Bridge. 

Within three minutes of making the call, SwiftWater Rescue technicians from Limerick Fire Service launched their rescue boats, FireSwift, joined by three city appliances of Limerick Fire Service. 

Upon arrival a “thorough search” was performed by the emergency services. 

However, after trying to contact the caller back “several times, it was apparent it was a false alarm, malicious intent”, a source said. 

Limerick Marine Search & Rescue said that hoax calls "put people at unnecessary risk".

"Some of our volunteers today who left their families and friends this Bank Holiday Monday to respond to a call to the river... Within minutes, our ski was launched only to be stood down at the Curragower falls, an extremely dangerous section of river at that time, as it was a hoax call...these people along with other emergency services are willing to risk their lives to give someone else a second chance."

This is the second time a false alarm has been raised in relation to a river incident over the past two weeks, with several other hoax calls received since, a source added. 

In a post on social media following the last incident in late July, Limerick Fire and Rescue Services described such false alarms as a “waste of resources”.