HSE attracts hundreds to first Limerick recruitment drive


Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh



HSE attracts hundreds to first Limerick recruitment drive

MORE than 800 people from Limerick and across the Mid-West attended the HSE’s first regional recruitment drive in the city over the weekend.

Held at the South Court Hotel on Saturday, hundreds in attendance inquired about a range of positions that are currently available within the HSE in Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary.

Jobs being advertised on the day included nursing, healthcare assistants, addiction counselling, electrician, carpenter, plumber, audiology, disability, and many more.

Normally recruitment takes place through the HSE’s national recruitment service, but chief officer of HSE Mid-West, Bernard Gloster said that there was a need to hold it locally.

“In some jobs we took a view that they were too difficult to fill nationally and so we put a batch together and ran this campaign.

“We haven't done this before and what we have seen is that by giving a facility like this people can meet us, hear about services and jobs in a way that an add just won't tell you and they can talk to the people in the frontline,” he told the Chronicle.

The job fair followed a major week-long radio and newspaper campaign across the three counties.

The position of healthcare assistant attracted “several hundred” applicants on the day, he said. Hundreds of the attendees were also interested in the multi-task attendant roles. 

He added: “At one stage we ran out of documents on the HCA [healthcare assistant] grade and we want to thank people for their patience while we restocked. All these things are learnings. As expected we didn't get high interest in nursing where we have huge needs to get away from using agency and we keep our efforts going in that.  Audiology was also low in response but that was expected and we have some interest from graduates.”

Mr Gloster has offered advice to those who will be formally applying in the coming days.

"Ask yourself two questions. ‘Am I qualified? Do I want to be in the public service making a difference’. If yes is the answer then apply. We don't have jobs for everyone of course but if you qualify at interview you will be placed on a panel and other vacancies arising in the next year or two may be filled from that panel. All jobs will be filled fairly through a competition,” he said. 

At the moment, there are four trade jobs, a large number of healthcare assistant roles, and dozens in older persons and mental health nursing roles.

Mr Gloster said that the event on Saturday morning was “very encouraging”.

He concluded: “I think or at least I hope it shows the HSE does have a good story to tell too.

“I am very proud of our communications and HR team who along with service staff and leaders put together this great success. 800 people in through the door and probably close to 200 queries by email speaks for itself.”