'Lack of empathy' for cyclists on Limerick's Davis Street


Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery



'Lack of empathy' for cyclists on Limerick's Davis Street

The street as it is today, after councillors voted to change the plan - below

CYCLISTS in Limerick have been left feeling short-changed following the exclusion of a cycle lane during developments on Davis Street.

That’s according to numerous commentators online, who are strongly critical of the finished streetscape. Original plans of a one-way street with dedicated cycle lanes were ditched.

And the inclusion of painted bicycle symbols on the road is being seen as an “afterthought” and showing “a lack of empathy for cyclists”.

“So, instead of the planned cycle lane and public realm improvement, we get illegal parking and a bike painted on tarmac on Davis Street,” tweeted a spokesperson for the Limerick Cycling campaign.

Alan McCormack said that the finished result was “not only wasteful but dangerous for cyclists”, adding that the painted bicycles are “nothing more than window dressing!”

A spokesperson for Limerick City and County Council said that the Davis Street design was “altered following submissions from the public and elected representatives over safety concerns for all road users”.

After a proposal in late 2015, with an artist’s impression showing cycle lanes protected by bollards, metropolitan councillors voted for the final project.

It is believed that pressure from local traders in a consultation process contributed to the final decision.

Cllr Daniel Butler tweeted: “Changes made to excellent original plan during part 8 submission period by local interests. Disappointed with final result.”

Dublin Cycling campaign wrote: “How is this different to the old street layout, apart from new surface treatments, bollards, and some (utterly redundant) paint?

“What a total waste of taxpayers' money.”