Limerick gamer rages against online ban


Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


Limerick gamer rages against online ban

A YOUNG Raheen gaming enthusiast has issued legal proceedings against Sony after he lost more than 140 PlayStation games as a result of his online account being terminated.

The local gamer, in his 20s, who held on an online PlayStation network account for more than seven years, had his account permanently removed a number of weeks ago. 

It was the third time in four months that his account had been banned, despite not receiving an explanation from the PlayStation moderators, he told the Limerick Leader. 

And because his account has been removed from the server, all 144 digitally-purchased games with the online account have also been lost. He is now calling on Sony to transfer the 144 games from his old account to a new one. 

He said that when activating the ban, he was meant to receive an e-mail about the length of ban and an explanation of it. 

“I did not even receive a proper answer, just that 'I went against policy'. So, not only is my account of seven years gone, but all of my games associated with the account are gone now, too, just because they are digital, which I think is completely unfair as I'm getting punished just for buying all my games digitally. So, as you can see, it is really salt in the wounds for me here, as games I have bought with my money are just gone because my account is gone.”

He said that he has invested “thousands” in the games, and has purchased every PlayStation console since the PS1 in 1995. The gamer said that if he had purchased physical copies, “there would be no issue”.

“I want all of these games to be transferred to a new account of my choice and would also like to receive some compensation for all my troubles and just for being treated so badly through all of this after being such a loyal customer since PlayStation 1 was invented. I have bought every single PlayStation console ever created.”

In response, a PlayStation spokesperson told the Leader: “Before any player is banned, multiple warnings are issued to the registered email of the account user. In the situation that our behaviour guidelines are breached, PlayStation may take action to permanently ban the user account. We encourage all of our users to adhere to our guidelines, with our aim to provide a respectful game playing environment for our community.”