Limerick teens 'lucky to be alive' after rescue boat and pontoon float off

Investigations underway following river incident

David Hurley


David Hurley


Limerick teens 'lucky to be alive' after rescue boat and pontoon float off

The pontoon and rescue boat floated off after the ropes securing them to the marina were opened - Picture: LMSAR

Two teenage girls are lucky to be alive following an incident during which ropes securing a pontoon and rescue boat were opened resulting in them floating adrift on the river Shannon.

Limerick Marine Search and Rescue (LMSAR) says the girls gained access to one of their boats at – Arthurs Quay Park Marina – shortly before 8pm on Wednesday.

While they were on board, the ropes securing the pontoon were opened by another individual resulting in the pontoon floating off.

Volunteer crews from LMSAR were quickly on the scene as they were training further down river when the alarm was raised.

“When we arrived, they were in the boat which was floating on the river Shannon with the pontoon,” said Karen Teehan, coxswain with LMSAR.

“It is a very serious incident, they put their own lives at risk. It was very very dangerous and they could have put the lives of other people at risk if there was another emergency at the same time,” she added.

Using another rescue boat, which was docked at Poor Man’s Kilkee, volunteers from LMSAR boarded the floating pontoon before launching the boat and bringing the girls to the slipway at St Michael’s Boat Club where they were handed over to gardai.

A garda spokesperson confirmed there were no injuries and that no damage was caused to the boat or the pontoon. The girls were not arrested.

Limerick Marine Search and Rescue says the pontoon was towed back to the marina at Arthurs Quay Park following the incident and that chains and a padlock were put in place this Thursday morning.

An investigation is underway to establish how the teens managed to gain access to the marina.