Lucky Limerick audience member to get full Gok Wan treatment

Celebrity stylist in Newcastle West this weekend for sold-out show

Norma Prendiville


Norma Prendiville

Lucky Limerick audience member to get full Gok Wan treatment

King of Fashion: Gok Wan is coming to Newcastle West

THIS Saturday, celebrity stylist Gok Wan will select one woman from his sell-out show in Newcastle West and, in a first for his Fashion Brunch Club tour, give her the full Gok make-over treatment.

“We haven’t done it at other shows, “ Gok told the Limerick Leader.

“But because the show is very community-driven, it is all about making sure local talent is on stage. And in all communities there are wonderful women, maybe a foster mum or someone else. What we want to do is to make sure those people are recognised. That is as much as I can say right now.”

But the man who is passionate about making every woman feel good about herself is looking forward to his Newcastle West gig. And he is excited about hosting it in the grounds of the 13th century Desmond Castle.

“It is a first for us. We haven’t done it on the grounds of an ancient castle.  It is just going to add to the charm. We are definitely going to resurrect some of the fun that has lain there in that castle,” Gok said in his very distinctive voice that makes women sit up and take note.

His aim, on Saturday, will be to draw on his years of styling experience and give real advice to the women in the audience, advice they can act on.

“Because of the internet, because fashion has become so accessible, whether you live in Africa, China, America, Ireland or Britain, all of us are exposed to the same style and fashion trends,” he said.

“The only difference with the Irish audience is what is available. If you come to London you will have a lot of different brands and labels. But now because of mail order and online shopping, the high-street is at your fingertips.

“When I am giving advice on style, that information stays the same,” he continued. “But it is about raising the confidence of women, inspiring them and getting 300 women going away and saying “I can have this”.

His two Irish shows on this current tour have been sell-outs. And Newcastle West is on track to make it three in a row.

“I love the Irish charm,” Gok said. “This show is dependant on the audience. The audience becomes the most important part of the show. What you get in Ireland is this Celtic charm. The audience doesn’t hold back. All the women, and the few men who come along, they laugh, they get involved, they are very vocal. It is charming. It is almost like going to a football match but it is about fashion.”

But Gok Wan is not all about fashion. The TV star and author is also seriously passionate about food and about classical music. A compilation of favourite opera arias, Gok’s Divas, has raced up the classical music charts in Britain.

But to what does he attribute his success? “I like to think it is probably because I care about what I do.. And hopefully people see that.”

It probably also helps, he agreed, that he likes women and that it shows.  “I love women,” he declared. “Boys annoy me. I have surrounded myself with women as a child and as an adult. I have a lot more in common with them. Boys confuse me.”

But will Gok get to see any of Limerick while he is here?

“ I have seen a lot of Ireland over the years through work. I have seen nothing of Limerick. I know they are anxious that I would see as much as possible in the short time I have. I will have a good look around, take in the local food, see as much as I possibly can.”

Saturday’s Fashion Brunch Club is being hosted by the Newcastle West Business Association to promote the town as the style capital of Limerick. All the local boutiques have backed the event which is expected to be a glamorous event, taking place in a luxurious marquee in the grounds of Desmond Castle. The event  will include  brunch after which Gok will present a catwalk show packed with fabulous outfits, showcasing the very best of locally sourced fashion.

The audience can also expect to  benefit from Gok’s informative “body shape master class”  which helps women how to dress and style according to their individual shape and size and from the question and answer session.