Handgun pointed at Limerick credit union teller during attempted robbery

Terrifying incident for staff and customers occurred at St Ailbe's Credit Union

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Handgun pointed at Limerick credit union teller during attempted robbery

An attempted armed robbery took place at St Ailbe’s Credit Union

A HANDGUN was pointed through the teller’s window during an attempted robbery in County Limerick, the Leader has learned.

The terrifying incident for staff and customers occurred at St Ailbe's Credit Union in Caherconlish.

Gardai have arrested one male and he has been charged in connection with the attempted robbery on Friday, March 24. No money was taken.

It is understood that at 3.20pm two males, armed with handguns, entered the Credit Union and threatened staff, while a getaway driver waited outside. The perpetrators left the premises, empty handed, shortly after entering the Credit Union.

According to a number of local sources, one of the males pointed a handgun through the teller’s window and threatened staff. There was three women working behind the counter at the time.

“The staff followed security protocols to a tee. That Credit Union has been robbed twice before, that I know of, and they spent a lot of money upgrading their security systems and alarms. The two males wore masks. They were shouting and roaring and looking for money. They took off fairly quickly and got nothing,” said a local.

“Nobody was physically hurt but obviously the poor staff and customers, who were in the Credit Union going about their business, at the time are very shaken by the whole episode,” they added.

Garda Louise Jordan said gardai are “particularly interested in a red/wine coloured Ford Focus that was seen in the area in the lead up to this robbery”.

“We have information that the partial registration number of this vehicle was 00- C. This vehicle then was observed driving up the hill towards Bohermore shortly after the robbery. Gardai at Roxboro Road are investigating this incident.

“They are very keen on receiving information regarding this vehicle particularly. Maybe some of the locals from the area may have seen this vehicle acting suspiciously in the area a short time before the robbery or observed the occupants in it after the robbery,” said Garda Jordan.

This vehicle was later found burnt out in Meanus area. There are reports it was originally stolen in Oola.

Another local, who spoke to the Leader under the proviso of not identifying them, said the whole parish has been shocked by what transpired.

“It is the talk of the place. In a village, when anything like that happens and you hear of guns and robbery, it would shock you.

“You would be more concerned for the staff than anything else and the customers and for the people in the street. You can imagine what could have happened if gardai arrived on the scene and there was a shoot out or chase. It happened at a time when children would be coming out of school as well,” said the local, who added that “St Ailbe’s Credit Union is a huge part of this parish”.

One male was arrested shortly after the incident and was charged with attempted robbery at Limerick District Court on Monday. He has been remanded in custody. Garda sources say he was not one of the males who entered the Credit Union. Roxboro gardai, 061-214340, are investigating