Heart of a Limerick village goes under the hammer

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery

Heart of a Limerick village goes under the hammer

Three neighbouring central properties are all up for sale in Kilcornan

THE opportunity to buy a village is a rare one, but that is exactly what is happening in Kilcornan in Limerick, where three neighbouring central properties are all up for sale.

The village’s pub and shop, which are both closed down, as well as a neighbouring seven-bedroom house, are all being sold as one lot by Wheeler Auctioneers.

The village lost its shop a number of years ago and the Coach Inn pub has recently closed down.

“We’d love for whoever buys it to bring a bit of life back into the area, especially with it being such a rural area, now that they are closed, we have nothing,” said chairperson of Kilcornan Community Council, Gillian Downes.

There is a gap between the two parts of the village – the shop and pub area and the school, community centre and sports field.

“The footfall to our school is increasing, and Curraghchase as well as our local sports facilities are booming, but we don’t really have anything to offer them,” said Ms Downes.

“Our community centre and community fields are our main hub now. We set up a Tidy Towns last year, and we are really trying to work on our identity on the N69.

“The shop and pub take up a lot of the community visually, and now that they are closed, it’s an eyesore. It’s an awful loss to the older people in the community. The local pub was where we all socialised and met up and the local shop, where we all went for the news. It’s a massive loss,” she added.

An improved village experience would be a huge asset to Kilcornan on the new Shannon Estuary Drive. Ms Downes suggested the restoration of the Coach Inn as a restaurant on the N69.

“We are very fortunate that we have Curraghchase here, and there would be quite large footfall there, especially at weekends.

“The caravan park and cafe in Curraghchase was booming last year, it would be a pity if something doesn’t happen in the village,” added Ms Downes.

The community is currently working with local councillors in trying to get traffic calming measures installed outside the school.

“We are always trying to add to the area,” she said.