Smart CCTV cameras to be rolled out in County Limerick

Budget of €500,000 earmarked for project

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery


Smart CCTV cameras to be rolled out in County Limerick

DETAILS of a new pilot CCTV project which will be deployed across the entire county have been revealed by Limerick City and County Council.

A ‘Smart CCTV System’, which will comprise 50 to 70 smart CCTV cameras, are set to be rolled out across the county “according to local needs”, says the council.

It is believed the programme will target 12 areas around the county, and will expand if successful.

The project has an estimated cost of €500,000. Around €350,000 will be needed to buy and install the CCTV cameras, while €150,000 is needed over three years for the annual maintenance and communications costs.

“The aim of the pilot is to develop an integrated Smart CCTV system that can serve local communities in the longer term and can be expanded if more funding becomes available in the future,” read a statement sent to councillors this week.

The council will provide €250,000 in funding, while the remaining €250,000 will be provided by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government.

“We have commenced a technical assessment to document the CCTV systems in use by the council and to define the standard technical capabilities required for the CCTV,” said the statement.

“As the CCTV will be deployed in rural towns with limited connectivity options, we are also assessing the communications infrastructure required for CCTV recording and monitoring,” it continued.

It is believed that the smart cameras will be able to assist the policing of remote areas, by tracking car registrations and irregular traffic patterns, and they may even be able to alert the emergency services if an unconscious person is detected, for example.

The proposed locations and the estimated number of CCTV cameras to be deployed in each town will be agreed through public consultation and within the budget constraints, once the “technical specifications are finalised”.