Limerick DJ narrowly escapes axe rampage in Germany

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Limerick DJ narrowly escapes axe rampage in Germany

Lucky escape - Meghann Scully avoided being caught up in the incident at Düsseldorf train station

Spin South West presenter Meghann Scully was due to arrive in Düsseldorf train station at the time of yesterday evening's axe attack.

Seven people were injured in the German city during the rampage by an axe-wielding man.

Police say it was a “random attack”. Officers were alerted shortly before 9pm on Thursday, prompting a large-scale emergency response.

Meghann landed in Cologne and decided to stay in Düsseldorf as she is heading for Amsterdam this Friday morning. 

“I missed my train that would have had me in the station when the attack occurred! I got the next train and just as we arrived into the station it stopped just short of the platform. Eventually an announcer came on but there was no English spoken. People seemed annoyed so it seemed like we were stuck. 

“I then heard sirens around the area but initially thought nothing of it. Then there was another announcement and this time I asked other passengers what was going on. They said something bad had happened so that's when I checked Twitter to hear an attack had taken place. There was talks of a terror attack and that one man was still at large with a weapon,” said Meghann.

They were stationary for over two hours. 

“Being on the train for that long was unnerving, not knowing what was happening. When it did get moving it brought them to another city - about 20kms away. We weren’t sure what was happening, we had to get back to Düsseldorf so we got a taxi. Our hotel was 300 metres from the station. By the time we got there local media was around and the station was still closed. The area was quiet with an eerie feel,” said Meghann, who co-presents the morning show Fully Charged.

She was booked on the 7am train this morning from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam and is now in Holland.

The suspected attacker was arrested after jumping off an overpass near the train station. The 36-year-old man, described as being from "the former Yugoslavia", suffered serious injuries and is being treated in a hospital.