Proposal for Kimurry graveyard rejected by Limerick councillors

Cllr Michael Sheahan sought to have the plots restricted to local families

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Proposal for Kimurry graveyard rejected by Limerick councillors

Kilmurry graveyard in Castletroy

CASTLETROY families who wish to bury loved ones locally may face grave problems in future, after a motion to restrict the local cemetery was rejected.

 At this month’s environmental committee meeting, Cllr Michael Sheahan, Fine Gael, sought to have the plots in the Kilmurry graveyard restricted to local families, with no pre-purchasing allowed.

He said this is needed as the cemetery has “very few graves left for people living in a “rapidly expanding” community.

“I am trying to protect the graves for local people. This will give people in the community a chance to bury their loved ones without leaving the area and go miles outside to Murroe, and even as far as Newport,” he said.

But his motion – despite being approved by councillors in the old Castleconnell area back in 2014 – failed to find favour with his colleagues.

Independent councillor John Gilligan said: “These are now municipal graveyards, and it’s inconceivable I could tell someone from the county that we cannot bury you in one of the city graveyards as you don’t belong to this parish.

“We have people whose family have been buried in graveyards, and their relatives want to be buried there too. To introduce a motion to prevent this is ludicrous.”

In a written reply, the council also expressed concerns that if this motion passed, it could leave them open to discrimination.

They also questioned the definition of the “local” community, and how it should be determined geographically.

Cllr Sheahan has now called for additional cemetery space to be made available in Castletroy and its surrounds, saying he is “disappointed” that the motion failed to pass.