Dog dirt mars Limerick bride's wedding day

'Unbelievable amount of complaints' about dog fouling situation in Murroe

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Dog dirt mars Limerick bride's wedding day

The thoughtlessness of one dog walker affected a bride's big day

ONE LAZY pet owner spoiled the happiest day of a lady’s life when dog dirt ended up on her wedding dress.

Former Limerick councillor John Egan said he has got “an unbelievable amount of complaints” about the dog fouling situation in Murroe village. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when the thoughtlessness of one dog walker affected a newlywed.

“It has got a lot worse in recent times – it is absolutely disgraceful. There was a wedding a couple of weeks ago in the village. After the ceremony was over, when the bride came out of the chapel she picked up a young child which is natural.

“The soles of the two or three year-old’s shoes were all covered in dog dirt and the wedding dress was destroyed. Any girl that is getting married, their dress is all important. It was a terrible thing to happen. You can imagine the upset,” said Mr Egan.

He said no dog owner has an excuse for not picking up after their pet and disposing of it in an appropriate manner.

“I was at Mass the other Sunday doing a reading. When I was walking down the street I was looking out for it and it is all over the place. People going to Mass on Sunday are stepping in it, elderly people are walking through it and their shoes are ruined. It isn’t on,” said Mr Egan.

Members of a Ballyhoura scheme regularly wash the footpaths clean from top to bottom,” he says.

“On the following day the individuals come along with their dogs and destroy it again. It is not good enough. They couldn’t care less about the ordinary person walking down the street. They should do their civic responsibility and have regard for others,” said Mr Egan.

Failing that, he called on the council to do targeted patrols in different locations and when they see someone not “scooping the poop” they should be fined on the spot. A penalty of €150 can be issued to offenders.

“Hit them where it hurts – in their pocket,” said Mr Egan, who stresses that they also have model dog walkers in Murroe, who always clean up after their canines.

The dog fouling situation is a problem all over the city and county.

This week, Leader columnist Nigel Dugdale revealed on a short walk through the city that he counted 89 instances of dog excrement on the streets.