Mother labels Limerick A&E a 'complete joke' after trolley ordeal

 Foynes woman recalls her experience after 54 hours on a trolley

Aine Fitzgerald


Aine Fitzgerald


Mother labels Limerick A&E a 'complete joke' after trolley ordeal

Christina pictured in A&E in Univerity Hospital Limerick

A MOTHER of two young children who was left on a trolley in A&E at University Hospital Limerick for 54 hours has described the facility as “a complete joke”.

Having been discharged from the hospital last Friday, after spending 12 days there - 10 of which were in the High Dependency Unit - Christina Finnerty, 31, from Foynes, was taken back in by ambulance on Saturday morning.

She was, she said, “in intense pain, so much so the paramedics had to give me 10mg of morphine.

“Things in UHL have not improved at all. I've just spent the last 30 hours in A&E and still waiting,” said Christina in an email she sent to the Leader from her hospital trolley on Sunday afternoon.

“I've had not one drop of blood taken,” she continued.

“I have had two surgeons come to literally just look at me  - one trying to tell me I’ve a pulled muscle, another telling me I’d a chest infection but not one of them even put a stethoscope on me.

“I’ve been just left here sitting in pain. I have to go hunt them down to get some pain relief and no one will get in contact with one of my medical team for me.”

Christina said she had been asking since Saturday morning about getting up to a ward “to which I’m being told I’m on the list yet I’m still here. I’m also waiting to go for a CT scan which they have told me they won’t do until tomorrow.

“This place is a complete joke and it’s totally unfair that I’m just being left here in pain to suffer on a trolley for this long.”

When she was admitted initially to the hospital in early February, she says the high dependency unit staff “were brilliant”.

“I had come in via A&E on Sunday, February 5,” explained Christina who underwent surgery at that stage.

“She says on that occasion she was in A&E for only four or five hours – and experienced much less frustration than she did last weekend.

“I don’t blame the nurses - it’s not their fault at all. There are just too many people there.”

When the Leader contacted Christina on Monday morning last she explained that she was moved on Sunday evening to the hall of ward IC, where she remained on a trolley.

“I’m still awaiting my team to come see me,” she said.

“I’m still getting pain, short stabbing pain. I haven’t seen the team yet. I’m still waiting to go for the CT.

“I slept here on the corridor last night. It’s clean but I am on the same bed sheet since Saturday morning,” added the mother who has a 10-month-old baby along with a five-year-old child.

Finally, at 1pm on Monday, Christina says she got a bed.

“The team came to see me around 11.30am and they quickly took over my care from the team on call for the weekend. They got me sorted with bloods taken and my CT scan and a bed and apologised for the treatment over the last few days in A&E,” she added.