Bunny search: Limerick woman hoping to find missing 'passenger' 

Power of social media assists in search for Harriet's treasured companion

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Bunny search: Limerick woman hoping to find missing 'passenger' 

'Devastated': Harriet with the Bunny that was left behind on the flight

STAFF at Shannon and Heathrow airports are busy co-ordinating a search for a lost passenger – one bunny; faded white with pink ears; age three.

Two Limerick women are harnessing the power of social media in an attempt to stave off the “devastation” of a three year old girl, who left behind her treasured companion on a flight from Shannon to Heathrow on Monday.

Sheena Doyle, media relations manager at the University of Limerick, saw several hundred retweets and likes from two posts about her best friend Corina Buffery’s daughter Harriet, who misplaced the darling bunny.

“Please help - Harriet (3) left Bunny (also 3) on 5:25pm AerLingus flight from @ShannonAirport to @HeathrowAirport Feb 20th - devastated,” she wrote on Twitter.

Her friend Corina, originally from Rhebogue and who now lives in Surrey with husband Bryn and was home for her mother Peggy Moloney’s birthday last weekend, posted about the bunny on Facebook.

After the two friends posted on the different social media platforms, there has been widespread responses from Shannon, Heathrow and Dublin airports – plus Aer Lingus directly, as well as concerned parents offering a replacement for the M&S teddy.

Shannon Airport even started a hashtag – #letsfindbunny, tweeting: “The search @ShannonAirport is underway, @Doyle8Sheena, @HeathrowAirport. Fingers crossed for a reunion.”

Sheena explained: “I was very surprised because I only have 150 followers on my personal account! And we got an amazing response from Shannon Airport, they were just super. And – the power of social media, particularly Twitter, I suppose, Heathrow were back on, Aer Lingus, Dublin Airport, Shannon Airport all responded.

“Corina is hoping to find a replacement, because it wasn’t a unique bunny, but she has sentimental attachment to this one. 

“It might turn up, it might not, but Shannon have been brilliant and on board and I think everybody just wants to think that they can reunite a bunny with its owner. She would love to get the original back.”