No buoys allowed for protected bridge in Limerick

Motion: Sarsfield Bridge status prevents installation of life-saving equipment

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

No buoys allowed for protected bridge in Limerick

Sarsfield Bridge is a protected structure, meaning the council cannot install a lifebuoy on it

LIMERICK council officials have said they cannot install a lifebuoy at Sarsfield Bridge – as it’s a protected structure.

At this month’s metropolitan district meeting, Cllr Sean Lynch, Fianna Fail, called for the installation of the life-saving equipment in the centre of the bridge.

Sinn Fein councillor John Costelloe supported the motion.

But in a written reply, Brian Kennedy, a senior executive officer in the council’s economic directorate said that as Sarsfield Bridge is protected, the council is not allowed attach “any fixture” to it.

“There are, however, two adjacent lifebelts, located at the monument beside Limerick Boat Club and also at Shannon Rowing Club. In addition, there are further lifebelts in situ along both Clancy Strand and O’Callaghan Strand which are in close proximity to the bridge,” he wrote.

Cllr Lynch said: “It’s not an acceptable answer. What price would you put on a life? What’s more important? Saving a person’s life or interfering with a protected structure?”

Cllr Daniel Butler, Fine Gael, added: “If [lifebuoys] can be fitted on Thomond Bridge, I cannot understand why it cannot be done on Sarsfield Bridge.”

Christy O’Connor agreed to refer the matter back to the executive, with Cllr Lynch asking that it be treated “as a matter of urgency.”