Trial of woman accused of murdering housemate at Castletroy home nears its conclusion

Lawyers representing defendant say telling lies does not prove guilt

Alison O'Riordan


Alison O'Riordan


Trial of woman accused of murdering housemate at Castletroy home nears its conclusion

Monika Matracka has pleaded not guilty to murdering Michal Rejmer in Castletroy in December 2015

The lawyer for a woman charged with murdering her housemate and former partner at their home in Castletroy has told a jury that telling lies does not make an accused person guilty. 

In his closing speech this Friday morning, Mr Mark Nicholas SC jury that this is a most unusual case and is undoubtedly tragic for Michal Rejmer and his family.

His client – Monika Matracka, aged 35, of The Pines, Briarfield, Castletroy – denies murdering Mr Rejmer (38) at that address sometime between 8pm on December 30 and midnight on December 31, 2015.

Addressing the jury, Mr Nicholas said there was no doubt that the behaviour of his client in the days after these terrible events was “bizarre, shocking and outrageous.”

“Ms Matracka did not disclose that Mr Rejmer was dead, she moved and concealed the body, she attempted to clean up the scene as best she could, she burnt phones and a knife and disposed of them, she disposed of her clothing, she lied to gardai – all these things are true and they did occur,” he said.

Mr Nicholas told the court that the prosecution said Ms Matracka lied and because she lied that made her a murderer.

“Just because people tell lies doesn’t mean they are guilty of the crime with which they are charged. There are many reasons people lie and cover up and that can be down to their personality traits. I’m not sure what the prosecution’s account is other than Ms Matracka lied,” he said.

Earlier in his closing speech, Paul Carroll SC, prosecuting, said that it was “a leap too far” to say that Ms Matracka was acting in self-defence.

Mr Rejmer was reported missing on January 6, 2016 after colleagues became concerned when he had not turned up for work at M cDonald's in Castletroy for a number of days. He was last seen on December 30, 2015.

Mr Rejmer's body was discovered by his friend and a local volunteer at the rear of his house in Castletroy under some plastic sheeting on January 8.

Mr Justice Paul Butler has commenced his charge to the jury of six men and six women and will conclude it this Friday afternoon.