Closing speeches underway in Limerick murder trial

Natasha Reid


Natasha Reid


Closing speeches underway in Limerick murder trial

Arnis Labunskis denies murdering 39-year-old Dainius Burba in April 2015

The jury in the trial of a man charged with murdering his flatmate at their home in Limerick has been told that the 56-year-old’s ‘tale of self defence’ is an insult to their intelligence.

Anthony Sammon SC, prosecuting, made his comments during his closing speech at the Central Criminal Court this Tuesday morning.

Arnis Labunskis, with an address at Wolfe Tone Street, Limerick City, is accused of murdering 39-year-old Dainius Burba on April 21 or April 22 2015.

The Latvian has pleaded not guilty to murdering the Lithuanian father of one, who was also his colleague.

The accused told gardaí that he had come home to find his flatmate with serious injuries, but the father-of-two has since told the jury that he inflicted them.

He testified on Friday that Mr Burba called him into his darkened bedroom in the middle of the night and began swinging an object at him. He said he managed to disarm Mr Burba, but that Mr Burba continued to come at him with his fists.

He said he then began swinging the object at him until the deceased shouted stop. He said he later realised that the object involved was a wooden table leg.

Address the jury, Mr Sammon said that ‘this new scenario’ did not stand up to scrutiny. “I suggest that what Mr Labunskis has told you is an insult to your intelligence,” he said.

He said that by not telling the gardai that ‘everything happened in the context of this tale of self defence’, the gardai were unable to carry out certain investigations.

He described his new version of events introduced on Friday as ‘an ambush’ of the prosecution case.

Lawyers representing the defendant will address jury of three women and nine men this afternoon before Ms Justice Deirdre McCarthy put the jurors in charge.