'It is quite an incredible story': Peter Clohessy's dog is returned to Limerick

One of stolen dogs is recovered thanks to kindness of strangers and social media

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

'It is quite an incredible story': Peter Clohessy's dog is returned to Limerick

Home sweet home: Robin with Peter Clohessy Picture: Michael Cowhey

THE KINDNESS of strangers and social media returned one of the dogs stolen from the Murroe home of Peter Clohessy and Anna Gibson Steel this week.

When the two Rottweilers were taken last April the family searched high and low for months with Peter even travelling to the famous Appleby fair in England. Anna said they never gave up hope and one half of their dreams was realised when Robin was found.

“It is quite an incredible story. Last Wednesday night at 1.30am a chap called Frank McHugh, who lives in the Wicklow Mountains, was driving home. He saw a black heap that he knew was a dog but he thought it was his own sheep dog. So he stopped, got out and saw Robin.

“She was so weak that she couldn’t stand. They lifted her into the car, brought her to the vet the next day and he said there was 24 hours max left in her,” said Anna.

Coincidentally, Frank is married to Linda Hogan, from Limerick, whose brother is Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee Grooming which Anna has used for years. Frank’s daughter Ciara put up a photo on her Facebook page and somebody who saw the posts last April contacted Anna.

In another twist, while Robin was microchipped nothing beeped when the vet scanned her.

“Either the chip isn’t in her or it has been deactivated – it is not working. The vet coudn’t find it and we bought a scanner to check ourselves because Peter went to Appleby to look for them and no sign of the chip. The vets can’t understand it. There could be a way to deactivate them, I don’t know,” said Anna.

Despite not seeing the family in nine months, Robin knew her owners straight away.

“When she came home she went straight to the couch she used to sit on, the cratur. 

She is in an awful state, her bones are sticking out of her, she has a couple of cuts but it is malnutrition – you can see every rib.

“It is joyful but bittersweet as Jessie is still missing and when you see the state of this lady your heart gets a bit sad thinking of her but hopefully... Until someone proved to me they were dead they were alive so hopefully this might raise awareness about Jessie,” said Anna.

Robin is being “ruined” at the moment and with lots of TLC Anna says Robin will be back to her bouncy self soon. They don’t know whether Robin escaped or was dumped.

“She is a little nervous around men. She barked a few times at Peter and another lad who came, so obviously it was men that had her. It is a miracle that we have her back and a miracle that the dog had the fight to keep going against all odds,” said Anna.

If anybody has any information on Jessie they are asked to get in touch.