Limerick 'not more expensive' to live in than Dublin and Paris, despite claims

Council refute figures for Limerick compiled by Numbeo

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan

Limerick 'not more expensive' to live in than Dublin and Paris, despite claims

There is no evidence to suggest that Limerick is more expensive than Dublin and Paris

CLAIMS that Limerick is the 17th most expensive city in Europe – and even more expensive than Dublin - have been dismissed by the local authority, Limerick Chamber and the IDA.

However, the figures for Limerick compiled by Numbeo, which describes itself as "the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide," is based on submissions from just 54 contributors.

The online guide claims that the cost of living in Limerick is 7.77% higher than in Dublin – based on the data received. Groceries prices in Limerick are 31.03% higher than in Dublin is another claim, which too has been challenged.

It also states that consumer prices in Limerick are 15.57% higher than in Cork, while rent prices in Limerick are 37.89% lower than in Cork.

Among its statistics is that consumer prices in Limerick are 3.03% higher than in Paris, and groceries prices in Limerick are 3.52% higher than in the French capital.

It is not so, according to those driving business and investment in the region. 

Laura Ryan, the head of communications and marketing with Limerick City and County Council, said that data on the website is “unreliable due to it being user generated and it cannot be taken as a reflection of actual living costs in Limerick.”

“There is no evidence to suggest that Limerick is a more expensive city to live, rent and buy groceries in than European capitals of Dublin, London, Paris and when analysed in further detail it is evident that many of the prices for the consumer products listed on the Numbeo website are incorrect,” she said.

Ms Ryan pointed out that Limerick is the most affordable place to buy a home out of 367 cities, according to the 12th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey.

House prices in Limerick are 30% lower than the national average and residents in Limerick have one of the highest disposable income per capita outside the greater Dublin region.  

Limerick City and County Council will shortly commission an international report examining the wider investment picture for Limerick. Caroline Kelleher, head of policy with Limerick Chamber said there are “major inaccuracies” in the data.

“It is unclear what, if any, quality checks are performed by Numbeo and for that basis the data could be skewed by any number of outlier values,” she said.

“Cost competitiveness is a significant part of the value proposition which has resulted in record numbers of IDA Ireland client investments into the Mid-West over the past two years, along with talent and infrastructure amongst others,” said Niall O’Callaghan, regional manager for IDA Ireland.

“Given the qualified statistics published regularly for the Mid-West region, with Limerick at its core, there is clear evidence we are in a unique position as a low cost centre – for both company and employee alike.  There is no doubt Limerick is one of the most cost effective cities in the world to do business,” he said.