Preparations for Christmas festivities in Limerick underway


Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Preparations for Christmas festivities in Limerick underway

The council is planning to switch on the Christmas lights on November 20

THE ANNUAL turning-on of the Christmas lights in the city centre will take place on November 20, Limerick City and County Council has confirmed.

Director of services, Pat Daly said — in response to Cllr Joe Leddin’s query on the city’s Christmas plans — that the council will “promote the culture, taste and spirit of the festive season” with a number of events.

“The council is working in partnership with local businesses, street traders, and cultural operators to collaborate on Christmas-themed events and actions, whilst adding signature events to promote the city centre as a destination.

“The launch of the Christmas festival is a highly-anticipated event each year and we want to wait until after Halloween, during the first week in November 2016, to announce the full details to the public,” he said, ahead of last week’s metropolitan district meeting.

He added that the main features of the festivities will include pop-up events, targeted at families in key locations across the city and county.

“The programme will produce a creative, inclusive and, most importantly, a family-centred programme of activities in the retail centre of the city, and enhance the significant ongoing and existing programme of events which takes place over the festive season.”

He stated that Christmas in Limerick will be supported by a public relations and communications campaign with a Munster focus, co-ordinated by the communications and marketing department.