New Limerick riverside walkway opens

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


New Limerick riverside walkway opens

The final phase of the city to university riverbank walkway has been completed Pictures: Smarter Travel

THE final phase of the city to the university riverbank's walkway has reopened to the public following a massive €1.1m upgrade effort.

The path provides a pleasant riverside walk along the three-kilometre stretch from the University of Limerick either into the heart of the city, or Corbally.

The upgraded walkway and cycleway has been provided along the south bank of the Shannon along the original path of the old Limerick Navigation Scheme.

In its day, this linked Limerick to Lough Derg and the rest of the Shannon navigation scheme upstream of Killaloe.

Funding for the project was provided by Limerick Smarter Travel through the European Regional Development Fund and the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport.

One of the original masonry arch bridges was rebuilt with the original stone and reinforced to cater for the expected footfall, while the two other masonry arch bridges along the route have been re-pointed and widened is some cases.

There is a new asphalt surface the entire length of shared route with and edging kerb.  The new surface means the route can now be enjoyed along its entire length by all members of the public regardless of mobility.

Public lighting and CCTV is also in place, meaning it can be used safely into the late evenings, while new seating has been installed along the route.

Mayor Kieran O'Hanlon said: "I have always been a regular user of the walkway and I’m delighted the final phase has been completed, meaning I can return to walking along the canal and out to the university. 

"The harsh weather earlier this year meant the walkway was flooded leaving parts of it in an unusable condition. 

"The route has always been a magnet for walkers, runners and cyclists and I’m delighted this amenity has re-opened and that all members of the public regardless of their mobility will be able to enjoy it.”