Noreen McManus plants seeds of success with Limerick scholarships

Changing lives: scholarships will reduce financial burden on students of Nano Nagle

Aine Fitzgerald


Aine Fitzgerald

Noreen McManus plants seeds of success with Limerick scholarships

Noreen McManus with Colaiste Nano Nagle principal Marion Cummins, and below, some of the recipients

AN “amazing gift” of €250,000 by Noreen McManus to students of Colaiste Nano Nagle secondary school will “cut out the stress about loans and allow for more  time to concentrate on study”.

University of Limerick student Rachael Constable was one of four girls to be presented with a bursary by Mrs McManus at the former Presentation school on Monday afternoon.

“Receiving this scholarship allows me to attend the college of choice, to further educate myself in the area that interests me without financial restrictions and eventually allow me to move on to my chosen career. It means that I do not need to rely on student loans for financial aid over the next four years and I won’t  be stressed out about how I can repay these loans,” Rachael explained.

Mrs McManus who attended the launch of the scholarship with her daughter Sue Ann Foley has committed a quarter of a million euro over five years to help the girls finance their third level journey. The idea actually emerged at a ceremony to mark the school’s name change in 2014.

Three students who achieve the highest Leaving Cert results in the class and go on to study at third level will receive €3,000 each year for the duration of their course. The girl who receives the highest Leaving Cert applied programme result and goes on to study in further education will also be financially backed.

Prior to the official launch, Mrs McManus donned a pair of pink wellies before strolling out to the school garden to plant a tree to mark the special occasion.

“Your gift of €250,000 to this school over the next five years is almost overwhelming for us and on behalf of Colaiste Nano Nagle I cannot thank you enough,” said Marion Cummins, principal of Coláiste Nano Nagle

“Your tree Noreen, Snowy Mespilus, a member of the rose family which will bear a great profusion of white flowers now has its roots here - roots of the tradition of our great founders Nano Nagle which today promotes spiritual health and human development, quality teaching and learning, showing respect for every person, being just and responsible in our school.”

Mrs McManus said she hoped that “you all grow like the tree will grow and to all the girls and all the scholarship recipients, congratulations and well done and enjoy your life.”

Numbers are rising in Coláiste Nano Nagle as they now stand at 331 and this scholarship awards will be another boon.

“Noreen has been so gracious and so kind. She didn’t have to but it is lovely and I think she is very happy with the idea,” said Ms Cummins.