Limerick priest to pedal 144kms for Alzheimer's

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Limerick priest to pedal 144kms for Alzheimer's

Fr Ger Fitzgerald dedicates the cycle to everyone who suffers with Alzheimer’s

A COUNTY Limerick priest who confesses to being “notoriously lazy” is anything but as he prepares to cycle 144kms for the Alzheimer Society of Ireland.

Fr Ger Fitzgerald, born in Castleconnell and ministering in Clare, will pedal from from Cork city to Ennis this Saturday.

The curate quotes Anil Kumar Sinha, director of the central bureau of investigation in India since December 2014.

“He once famously said that, ‘Every day is a new beginning, every day gives an opportunity to prove yourself to be better and to do something good.’ It must have been those words which were ringing in the mind of Ennis parishioner Patricia Blake when she contacted me and asked me if I was interested in doing a cycling event for charity.

“Initially hesitant, I eventually conceded and after much debate and negotiation we agreed upon a cycling challenge that will see us cycle from Cork to Ennis, a trip of 144km beginning at the Cork Alzheimer foundation on Windmill Road and ending in Cahercalla, Ennis,” said Fr Fr Fitzgerald.

All funds raised will go to the Alzheimer’s Care Centre in Ennis.

“This very worthy cause is a place of care and respite for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The staff in this facility are genuinely wonderful people who give of their time, gifts and experience to assist the patients who have to live with such a terrible affliction.  

“They are indeed worthy of the highest praise for their efforts which are truly a public demonstration of Gospel values. With gentle love, patient heart and mind and loving soul the staff in this facility make life easier for patients and families alike thus contributing a great deal to the life of some of the most vulnerable in our society as well as the community in general.

“They do all of this despite the fact that they receive no State funding. It was this fact that persuaded myself and Patricia to undertake this cycle,” said Fr Fitzgerald, who is 36.

“If truth be told, this cycle event is most certainly not my idea; for anyone who knows me must surely know that I am notoriously lazy. However, a great deal of praise must go to Trish Blake for persuading me to go through with this and indeed for getting me out training. She survived a terrible accident a few years ago and now wishes to give something back. Her bravery is much to be admired and her courage and resolve is to be greatly admired too. I am lucky that she is quite understanding of my approach to cycling; one of my favourite quotes of hers is that, ‘Even if it takes us 10 hours to do it, we will’,” he continues. 

Fr Fitzgerald ask as many as possible to support this “great and worthy cause”. All information is available from the parish office in Ennis or a sponsorship page online – log on to and search Trish Blake.

“Remember, you do not have to cycle 144km to do something great. Your donation makes you a hero. I am glad to be a part of this event and I’m enjoying the training. Thus far we are up to about 60 miles on training spins and pushing hard. I dedicate this cycle to everyone who suffers with Alzheimer’s. I hope that our efforts will assist them in some small way.” said Fr Fitzgerald.