'Miracle' Limerick toddler returns home to his family

'Miracle' Limerick toddler returns home to his family

Martina Collins with her three sons (L-R) Billy (1); Mairtín (5), Neil (2), prior to Neil's fall from the sixth floor of the Strand Hotel. Below, Neil this week Pictures: Press 22

A LIMERICK toddler who fell five floors from the Strand Hotel has returned home to his family, having made a miracle recovery.

Neil Shanahan, aged just two and a half, has spent the last five weeks in intensive care at Temple Street Children's Hospital.

Last month, the toddler left his family who were at a fundraising event for the Farranshone community in the Strand Hotel.

In a tragic series of events, he boarded a lift and was able to journey to the top floor. He stepped out onto the balcony, where he fell.

Garden furniture broke his fall, preventing his injuries being more serious.

Speaking for the first time this week, his mother Martina said she believed his recovery was a "miracle".

"I believe I got a dig out,  I really do," Martina, who has two other sons, Billy and Mairtin, said.

Limerick has rallied behind the Shanahan family since the accident.

In the seconds after his fall, an American nurse who was having her hair done at Niall Colgan's salon in O'Callaghan Strand, rushed to the youngster's aid, providing care in those critical minutes.

Little Neil and his parents visited the salon this Thursday.

Writing on Facebook, Niall said: "We got the shock of our lives when a little boy fell off the roof at the Strand. Well here is little Neil today... Right as rain and happy as Larry!"

He posted a picture of himself with the toddler, who is miraculously, showing no signs of injury following the 70 foot drop.