Limerick startup blends wine with peat

Colm Ward


Colm Ward


Limerick startup blends wine with peat

Brendan Reddin and Trisha Kelly with local TD Patrick O’Donovan at the launch of Irish Peat Wine [Picture: Sean Curtin / WeAreTrueMedia]


West Limerick may not be renowned as a wine producing region, but a new business venture aims to put it on the map with a product that combines the fruit of the vine with turf from the local bog.

Irish Peat Wine is is the brainchild of business partners Trisha Kelly from Foynes and Shanagolden’s Brendan Reddin.

This month, they launched their first batch of 500 bottles with a special reception in the Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum.

“We have taken a Pinot Noir Grape from the Rheinhessen region of Germany and combined it with Irish peat,” Brendan explained.

They were inspired by the popularity of peat whiskey to explore the possibility of developing their wine - using a resource that is not in short supply in West Limerick: peat

“It has taken quite a while to develop it because it is a first and it is something that has never been done before. We didn’t even know if it could be done,” Brendan said, explaining that they have developed a trademarked process to combine the two ingredients.

Brendan and Trisha spent over three years working with a winemaker in the Rheinhessen region to develop their unique product. He admits it involved a lot of “trial and error” to get the combination of flavours right initially and then, when they were happy with the product, to work out a way of producing it on a larger scale.

Brendan works in commercial finance, while Trisha is a qualified chef - but both share a passion for wine, having visited numerous wine regions across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada.

“The vines are carefully selected to ensure the marriage between both the grapes and the Peat is one which is harmonious. The warmth of the peat enhances the subtle flavour of the Pinot Noir and the result is a smooth, lingering, velvet finish making their Irish Peat Wine a truly unique experience,” he said.

Having developed the wine, they are now working with stockists. With a recommended retail price of €39.95, Brendan is optimistic that they will find a market among wine connoisseurs and visitors to Ireland.