Miracle toddler that fell from Limerick hotel in 'stable condition'

Miracle toddler that fell from Limerick hotel in 'stable condition'

St Munchin's Church in Limerick hosted a Mass for Neil Shanahan

THE father of the two and year old child who fell from the sixth floor of the Limerick Strand Hotel has confirmed that his son is “in a stable condition” in hospital.

Speaking at a Mass in St Munchin’s Church this Thursday evening, Michael Shanahan – father of Neil – said his son was “almost taken from us on Saturday last in a fall” at the hotel.

“While we were not counting our blessings immediately after discovering what happened to Neil we have ever since been counting many, many blessings,” he said.

“Firstly, let me give you and update on Neil; thanks to the incredible care and skill of so many, he is in a stable condition in ICU at Temple Street. It is still very early days yet but he is responding as well to treatment as could be expected in the circumstances of falling the height that he fell.

“We were blessed first of all by the presence of the first responder, an American nurse whom I won’t name now but who happened to be there at the time, for her intervention and care.

“We are indebted particularly to the frontline emergency responders at the University Hospital here in Limerick and all at the emergency department, the doctors and nurses, at the hospital for their incredible work as his life hung in the balance.

“To the physicians and their nursing team at Temple Street Hospital, we say the deepest thank-you also. As with your peers in Limerick and our incredible very first responder, you have worked miracles so far and continue to give Neil the best possible attention and care.”

Neil’s mother Martina wrote in a Facebook post that the Farranshone family was “overwhelmed, yet again of the amazing love and support of a wonderful family and many friends and neighbours”.

The Shanahan family had been attending a parish coffee morning organised by the Farranshone Resident’s Association in the Strand Hotel when Neil, the second youngest of three children, wandered off.

The community gathering was held on the ground floor of the hotel. However unbeknownst to those involved in the search for the toddler - which was initially concentrated in the immediate vicinity - the two year old had made his way into a lift and managed to travel to the sixth floor of the hotel from where he climbed out onto a balcony and fell 20 metres.

It is believed the two year old's fall was broken by a table on an outside seated terrace area.

Mr Shanahan said at the Mass, which was officiated over by Canon Donal McNamara: “We thank all the medical teams as well for the incredible compassion they have shown to us as parents and our family members over these days. You have delivered not just as medical carers but compassionate carers also.

“To you Fr McNamara and your team, thank you also for arranging this very heartfelt and much appreciated prayer service of healing for Neil. We have no doubt but all the many, many prayers have added up for Neil and we are deeply grateful for this.

“Finally in terms of thanks - to all of you here this evening and to everyone else who has sent their prayers and best wishes to us over recent days, we are indebted. 

“Our family and wider relatives, friends we know well, ones we don’t know that well and complete strangers. We are so grateful to all of you for your support. It has truly mattered and has helped us through these days and will help us through those that follow.

“Neil is, as I said, in a stable condition but we would ask you to continue to pray and hope for his recovery. He was baptised in this Church two years ago and we hope and pray that we will all as a family be back here in future celebrating very good days indeed.”

Mr Shanahan said he “appreciates the media interest in this story and their best wishes but we do, at this still very delicate time for Neil, ask for privacy – for Neil’s sake and all our sakes.

“Again, thank you all; your support has kept us going and we will not forget it,” he added.