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Meet the candidates: Brian Leddin, Green Party, Limerick City North

Meet the candidates: Brian Leddin, Green Party, Limerick City North

Brian Leddin


Clancy Strand, Limerick



Why have you decided to run in the local elections?

I believe Limerick has fantastic potential, and I want to see it realised. In order for that to happen we have to elect a capable Council on May 24, made up of people who have a strong track record in taking sensible, progressive decisions while also having a clear and ambitious vision for the city. I have been involved in and helped establish a number of local organisations - Limerick Cycling Campaign, An Taisce Limerick, Liveable Limerick, Limerick Riverpath Volunteers - and these are all doing great work in helping to improve Limerick. Obtaining a seat on the council will allow me to advance the work that I have already begun and help Limerick develop into a thriving, prosperous and attractive city for its residents, for young people to come to study in and for tourists to visit.

Why should people vote for you?

Over many years I have been dedicated to public service through the organisations I helped found and also through other established local organisations, such as St. Michael’s Rowing Club where I coach the senior women’s crews. I believe strongly in and have advocated for creating a city that can provide a healthy, prosperous and happy life for those who live here. As well as this, I am a qualified engineer with a knowledge of the workings and structures of the Council and have a keen interest in and understanding of urban development and transport. For these reasons I believe I am appropriately qualified to take part in planning for the future of our city, to help avoid repeating some of the mistakes of the past and ensure that when we take action to meet the needs of the city that the very best decisions are made.

What do you think is lacking in your area and what will you be campaigning for?

There is a need for the provision of services and amenities for the community in Limerick City North. The area has a high percentage of elderly residents but also a growing number young families, and these two groupings should be our immediate priority. Every elderly person should have easy access to a bus stop and a reliable bus service. We are a long way from that at the moment. Every child should be able to walk or cycle safely to school, and that is not the case in 2019. If elected on May 24, I will play a key role in the drafting of the city development plan, and these issues will be my priority. As well as this, we must take more advantage of our natural amenities, such as the Shannon River and the areas surrounding it, and the potential of the built infrastructure, such as the Cleeves site. We need to ensure the new homes that are so desperately needed are built with a view to what the communities they will form will be like in 15 - 20 years time. There must be provision made for playgrounds, for schools, for community spaces, shops and restaurants, the various social hubs that form healthy and happy communities.