Meet the candidates: Cllr Jerry O’Dea, Fianna Fail, Limerick City East

Meet the candidates: Cllr Jerry O’Dea, Fianna Fail, Limerick City East

Cllr Jerry O'Dea




City East Councillor and Publican

Why have you decided to run again in the local elections?

I am very proud of Limerick. Growing up and working in Limerick I came to realise that the best way to improve our city and county is to be involved.

Since election to the last City and County Council, I have been able to help and assist many community based organisations and sporting clubs.

If re-elected I want to continue and expand this positive work.

Why should people vote for you?

I was elected in 2014 at my first time running.

Unfortunately we have lost many first-time elected councillors and that valuable experience is now lost.

Since elected I have, in my first term, gone on to serve as Mayor Of Limerick City and chairman of The Milk Market amongst many other things.

I want to continue this work. A vote for me is a vote for putting experience into action.

What do you think is lacking in your area and what will you be campaigning for?

In City East crime and anti-social behaviour is an ongoing challenge. Despite the best efforts of An Gardai we have challenges all around Limerick City East.

At present I am a member of the Council Joint Policing Committee and at our next meeting I will be asking the Garda Commissioner to pursue the building of a new Garda station for the Castletroy/University Of Limerick/Newtown area.

In the absence of our current Fine Gael minister’s backing for this important project I will be campaigning for, at a minimum, a Garda substation for this heavily populated part of Limerick.

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