Limerick's Troy studios to host Production Assistant Bootcamp

David Hurley


David Hurley


Limerick's Troy studios to host Production Assistant bootcamp

The P.A. Bootcamp will take place at Troy Studios early next month

Troy Studios has been confirmed as the venue for an intensive Production Assistant bootcamp for graduates, trainees and new entrants to the film industry.

The three-day bootcamp, which runs at the beginning of next month, will give participants the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the role of Office, Set and Location Production Assistant.

The event is being run by Screen Training Ireland and Limerick and Clare ETB, in partnership with Universal Cable Productions.

According to the organisers the bootcamp, which will feature tutors including Jody Brockway Leigh Paonessa Chuck Canzoneri and John Crumpton, will be “a two-day thorough, intensive, real-world programme designed to give participants a full and practical understanding” of what is required to succeed in the industry. 

Participants will also complete a one-day Health & Safety programme offered by BECTU, and accredited under the BBC/BECTU/PACT/Skillset Production Safety Passport Scheme.

Participants will be divided into two groups for the P.A. Bootcamp:  One group will complete the training between Tuesday, December 5 and Thursday, December 7 while the second group will be accommodated between Thursday, December 7 and Saturday, December 9.

For more details and to register for the bootcamp, see