Memories – 50 years – ESB strike paralyses city


MANY parts of Limerick are without water and electricity today becasue of a burst water main and the nationwide E.S.B. strike which has disrupted the industrial life of the city.

Many factories are closed, others are working on emergency supplies which can only last a short time, and if the strike continues, there is a possibility that thousands of workers maybe laid off.

This morning pickets were placed on the Ardnacrusha Power Station, one of the country’s four hydro electric stations.

Around 120 people are employed there and it is reported that only the control operators passed the picket. Steam stations throughout the country are also shutting down.

This morning, Limerick Clothing Factory, Danus, Limerick Shoes and a number of the Shannon factories closed down. Other factories on the Shannon Industrial Estate, who had there own generators since the last strike, continued working.

Cement Ltd. at Mungre, one of the biggest employers in the city still had electricity early this afternoon but a spokesman for management said he did not know how long it would last.

He said Cement’s emergency supplies could not last very long, if the main supply was cut off.