Memories – 50 years – Helping to house city's aged folks


LIMERICK’s plan to build houses for old people has fired the imagination of the country, and for the last two weeks, donations totalling almost £100 have poured into St Anne’s Guild from all parties of Ireland.

These have been unsolicited, many anonymous, and it seems many people in Ireland and some in England have decided to join in Limerick’s Lenten Resolution to build houses for old folks.

Local shops, offices and factories have responded magnificently to St Anne’s appeal for 1/- each week for the seven weeks of Lent, so that seven or eight houses can be built.

But outsiders have heard of this and men and women, boys and girls from Cork, Dublin, Donegal and even England, have sent 7/- or even more, towards this campaign.

There have been bigger donations: £10 from Most Rev Dr Henry Murphy, Bishop of Limerick, £20 anonymously, £10 from the Little Company of Mary at St John’s Hospital and £5 from Clare Chemicals at Shannon.

But these were the exceptions, the majority were subscriptions of 10/1 or £1 from ordinary working people and old age pensioners, to whom giving has meant a real sacrifice for Lent. For example, there was 7/- from a widow.