Memories – 50 years – No wish to restrict Foynes plan


THERE is no question of the Limerick Harbour Commissioners attempting to restrict the development of Foynes Harbour.

On the contrary, they wish the Foynes Harbour Trustees every success with their proposed new jetty. This is pointed out by the Commissioners in a statement issued to the Limerick Leader, in which they state that they are concerned with some of the statements made.

As a result, they have now reluctantly decided that their position should be known.

“It could be inferred from some of the statements that the Commissioners are endeavouring to restrict the development of Foynes Harbour – such is not the case. The limits of Foynes Harbour Orders (1890 and 1932) and the Harbour is confined to the water area south of Foynes Island (between the Island and the mainland of Co Limerick).

"There is no question of the Commissioners attempting to restrict development within these limits; indeed they wish the Trustees every success with this proposed new jetty for the export of mineral ore, which will be situated within the existing Harbour limits. The Commissioners advocate for the formation of a Single Port Authority based on representation from the various existing port and pier authorities.”