Memories 50 years – Ward system rejected


THE City Council at its meeting last night decided by six votes to five to reject the proposal by the Minister for Local Government for a four ward system in Limerick on the grounds that it would not give a fair representation to voters.

The decision was arrived at after a long debate during which it was generally agreed that they had to accept the ward system, although the city had not yet settled down into various areas because of its rapid expansion.

The mayor, who opened the discussion, said that Limerick had expanded at a very rapid rate over the past 15 years and especially with the number of houses erected under the Small Dwellings Act. The proposal of the Minister to establish a four ward system was, therefore, in his opinion, not in the best interests of the people. 

Ald. G. E. Russell said that he was proposing an alternative scheme, but he would first like to state that the citizens of Limerick should be consulted as to the type of ward system they would like and pointed out that the proposal for a ward system had been defeated by a democratic vote of five different councils.

The Minister, however, had deemed it fit to establish the ward system in Cork, Waterford and Limerick.