Memories – 50 years – Limerick oil depot to expand


THE Minister for Local Government Mr Blaney has given permission to Caltex Ireland Ltd, to expand its storage depot at the Dock Road, thus overruling the decision of Limerick Corporation. 

The new installations, which will give space for an extra million gallons of fuel, will mean extra employment in the city and security for the Company’s present employees. 

The news has also broken that Caltex has made a breakthrough into the aviation line and secured a big fuelling contract from Canadian airlines at Shannon starting on March 1.

This will be fulfilled from Limerick. 

At a press conference at the Glentworth Hotel, Limerick, yesterday. Mr DJ Langan, chairman and managing director of Caltex, said the fuelling of Canadian aircraft at Shannon was a “very big deal” and means the company will need specially trained men at Shannon, where offices, crews’ quarters and canteen facilities have already been erected. 

Lsat June, Caltex applied for permission to extend its storage space at the Dock Road. 

Permission was granted by the Limerick Port and Dock authority but was later refused by the Corporation on the grounds that it would form a serious fire hazard.