Memories – 50 years – Deadlock over two parades

1916 celebrations

A deadlock has been reached between two committees organising commemorative services for the 1916 Golden Jubilee celebrations in Limerick it was disclosed at last night’s meeting of the City Council. 

Efforts over the past several weeks by the Mayor, Cllr. F. Leddin, and other parties to resolve the difficulty have failed and it most likely that there will be two seperate parades in the city. 

The matter was raised by Ald. S. Coughlan, T.D, who said that he was a member of the committee set up by the council to organise a commemoration befitting such an occasion and all sections of the citizens were invited to participate, but it had not been possible to find unity in the matter.

He thought therefore, that the citizens should be informed of the position as it stood at the moment.

"A committee of which the Mayor is Chairman, was set up in accordance with the advice of the government to organise fitting commemorative ceremonies.

"This has been done all over the country and there has been unity amongst all sections with the exception of one city. Unfortunately, in Limerick at the moment there is no unity and I don’t see how we are going to resolve the problem as we have reached deadlock”.