Memories – 20 years – Rugby women reassure mums

Playing fears alleviated

FEARS of mothers of young rugby players were alleviated this week amid the Peter Clohessy controversy by city female rugby personalities, who came out in strong support of the game and its coaches.

It had been repeatedly claimed earlier in the week that the Parc de Princes “stamping” incident would deter parents from allowing their sons to take up rugby. 

Aoife Rodgers, Castletroy, 12-times capped skipper of the Irish women’s team, described rugby as not a “rough game” but a physical game because of the contact element involved.

“The game is not any more dangerous than a number of others,” claimed Aoife, a PE teacher. She agreed that mothers who have not been involved in sport might be worried by some incidents.

“Mothers involved in sport or with the game would understand the game better,” she admitted.