Memories – 20 years – New party targets seat


LIMERICK’S Nora Bennis this Monday launched her new political party in Dublin, promising to run candidates in “virtually every constituency in the country” in the next general election.

She will run in Limerick East in the next election. The launch of the National Party was going ahead of in Buswells Hotel, next to Dail Eireann this afternoon. 

“The feedback has been powerful – there is a hunger out there for a party like ours” she stated. 

Asked what was different about “The National Party” she replied “everything.

"We are a truly grassroots party, made up of caring commonsense people from all walks of life. We are not afraid to say what our elected representatives don’t want to admit, even to themselves.

"The system which has been in place up to now has now worked, the problems facing the nation are mammoth.”