Memories – 20 years – Happy 50th birthday to a Limerick film fan


Limerick film fan, Christy Griffin, may not have got a fistful of dollars’ for his 50th birthday but he certainly got one of the biggest surprises of his life. 

A life long fan of Clint Eastwood, Christy received a signed and framed picture of the great American film star which will find a place of importance in the specially converted room which he has built in honour of his hero at his home in Ballinacurra Gardens. 

 “I have all of Clint Eastwood’s films on video” Christy said, “and have been a big fan of his since i first saw him in ‘Rawhide’. Receiving the signed picture was tremendous.

"It came as such a surprise and it is something that i will always treasure”.

The Limerick film fan has over 50 video recordings of his favourite movie star.